About Us

 About Us

IntelligentClicks® provides virtual intellectual property (IP) support to patent practitioners. Our Virtual IP Paralegals  (VIPPs) are experienced, highly trained professionals who are passionate about helping patent practitioners unlock their potential. A VIPP implements a workflow process that produces quality results to ensure a profitable and sustainable future for our clients.

Sustainability is about a company’s ability to operate profitably over time in the face of advancing trends such as IP virtual support and their impact on the IP industry.

Our Mission

IntelligentClicks’ mission is to help IP practitioners be competitive by reducing overhead costs and providing high quality VIPP services that will free up our client’s time allowing them to strategize on their IP portfolios. Our mission is to develop a collaborative partnership of trust that meets our clients’ short or long term needs.

The IntelligentClicks Logo 

Dolphins are extremely intelligent and have a highly developed social structure that works together to perform complex tasks.

Similar to dolphins, IntelligentClicks® implements teamwork and collaboration as an integral part of our IntelligentSolutions.

Our Vision

IntelligentClicks’ vision is to have an impact in the IP community by implementing incremental changes in the practices of intellectual property. Our philosophy: VIPS Virtual Intellectual Property Support will encourage openness to changes that will significantly strengthen and improve performance within your organization and empower the IP community for transformational change.

Transformational change is about working in partnerships which requires a high level of commitment for change. This approach is a key source for a competitive advantage. Together we can explore change and create the future.

Note:  IntelligentClicks® is a U.S. based company .