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We have all three keys to unlock your business potential!

Our Collaboration Strategy

At IntelligentClicks, we are a Plug ‘n Play team, no IP prosecution training needed! Our IntelligentSolutions strategy implements four key steps:

1. Evaluate a complex task
2. Develop plan through teamwork
3. Implement plan
4. Deliver results to unlock your potential

 With IP Practitioners

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Our strategy produces collaboration and partnership with IP Practitioners. We bring value and efficiency to their practice by providing comprehensive IP support solutions.

With IP Teams

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Our VIPS embraces independent thinking with an ability to collaborate and be a team player with paralegals, legal assistants, technology specialists, patent agents, and other professional staff. Our VIPS brings workload relief and high productivity to existing IP teams.


Security and Compliant Solutions

Security and privacy are the top cScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.44.29 AMoncerns of our clients. We will thoroughly consult and disclose on the security of any cloud-based platforms we use.

We are committed to our clients to provide solutions that solve the entire IP support challenges, not just one part of it; thus, we make available to our clients of multiple reliable tools and IP softwares such as docketing system, trademark search, prior art search, document management system, and other patent analytics tools. This one-stop shop approach allows our clients to utilize the IP tools via our VIPS without having to pay monthly or annual subscriptions.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries about the security of any of the cloud-based platforms.