It’s all about the Patent Examiners!

Want to get away from filling out and faxing the Applicant Initiated Interview Request Form to the USPTO? The USPTO finally launched USPTO Automated Interview Request (AIR) with one click submit button!

Patent practitioners can now utilize the AIR to schedule an interview with an Examiner for their pending patent application. It is a simple form that requires the following fields:

  • Reg. No.
  • U.S. Application No.
  • Confirmation No.
  • Proposed time and date of requested interview (must be at least 1 week later than current date).
  • Proposed interview type (in-person, telephonic, or video conference)
  • S-Signature
  • Email
  • Phone number

If you need further information about this program or need assistance in conducting research of claims, office actions and responses by art unit or examiner, we can take care of business for you! For example, we can research a specific examiner and provide you’re a detailed report of the average number of Office Actions from Filing Date to Allowance.  This will help you determine strategy with difficult examiners and ultimately save money on prosecution!


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