Procedural IP Audits, Another Strategy of IP

Audit GuyThere is favoritism in the field of intellectual property (IP)! The topic of IP strategies or valuation of IP assets has been given a lot of attention; however,  just as important is the procedural development of IP policies and procedures in strengthening patent portfolios during the patent examination process.

Procedural IP audits can be another major part of your business strategy. Patent practitioners can effectively strengthen their client’s patent portfolio AND improve internal procedures by adopting our customized IntelligentSolutions’ patent prosecution audit tools as part of your IP practice. No matter how big your clients’ patent family portfolios are, we can audit each patent file for entity status (Micro, Small, or Regular Undiscounted) and customer numbers associated with the patent application for correspondence address, maintenance fee address, and power of attorney. Another audit service we provide is ensuring all IP rights are recorded with the appropriate entities. We can also submit corrections to the USPTO of any discrepancies on your behalf.

These incremental processes may be small, but they are measurable movements that will produce robust portfolios.